Cityscapes in Japan

Starting from top left - ending bottom right

  • 1: Shinjuku - right outside of my hotel. I stayed at Gracery Hotel Shinjuku. It’s smack dab in the middle of the night life. This is by far my favorite shot in Japan. It brings me both happiness and sadness to see this picture since this was my last day in Shinjuku before heading south of Tokyo. It was also the only day where it was not cloudy/rainy while I was in Tokyo.
  • 2: Shinjuku - view outside of my hotel room. Sunlight at last.
  • 3: Akihabara - co-worker and I made a pit stop at @home-cafe.
  • 4: Tokyo Skytree - bottom floor - there was a very neat animated 2d dimensional depiction of the city.
  • 5: Tokyo Skytree - outside of the tower - roaming the streets.
  • 6: Tokyo - peering into the residential area somewhere in Tokyo.
  • 7: Tokyo Skytree - taking a peek at the tower from across.
  • 8: Tokyo Skytree - view outside of the lower levels in the Skytree.
  • 9: Tokyo - honestly I can’t remember where I took this shot so I’m just going to say Tokyo.
  • 10: Nakano Station - dropped by Nakano Broadway. It’s a bit cloudy and rainy at the station.
  • 11: Tokyo - hitting up the Disney store in Japan because tsum tsums.