Food - Japan - 2017

Top Right to Bottom Left

  • 1: Ichiran Ramen - Ramen from a stop in Shinjuku. My favorite ramen stop, was also my first meal in Japan
  • 2: Cafe Miyama - Mocha at Cafe Miyama in Nakano Broadway, getting some caffeine before the stores start to ramp up (most don’t open till 10AM-12PM)
  • 3: Afuri Ebisu - Cirtrus Ramen from a shop near Shinjuku Station, known for its Citrus Ramen
  • 4/5: Street Food - Some food stops at Ueno Park
  • 6/7: Nabezou - Hot Pot in Japan, this one was at Umeda
  • 8: Hakone - Some tasty beef prepared in an Onsen Hotel