Gracery Hotel Shinjuku

My hotel room at Gracery Hotel Shinjuku.

I literally had a tiny little hallway with a bed at the end—and a bathroom (which was surprisingly spacious). This was about $130 per a night (stayed for 3 days). There’s a vending machine available on each floor. Interestingly enough, the Hotel doesn’t starts at the ground floor (you have to take the elvator up to reach the lobby). It also it shares a building with a movie theater and sports an enormous Godzilla outside. Note that the Godzilla actually makes noises, and I could hear it from my room. It’s only a problem if you sleep early (before 9PM)—but let’s be honest, you’re in Shinjuku, smack dab in the middle of the nightlife, it ain’t happening.

My Cityscapes in Japan post contains a view from my tiny window.

Another plus: I could literally take the elevator down and find an infinite supply of great food and booze.