The Ride

My latest hobby/toy…the 車. I blame Top Gear and Jerel.

Hyundai Velly Turbo “Turbs”

  • 2016 / Elite White / DCT / No Tech Pkg


  • XenonElement Wiring Enhacement Kit (XWEK)
  • 845 Motorsports 3.5 Inch Super Short Intake (SRI) w/ 3.5x7 inch AEM DryFlow Filter
  • MBRP T409 Catback Exhaust System w/ Magnaflow 14210 Muffler & Installed with BTR Exhaust Mount Kits — MBRP catback alone was too loud for me and I didn’t want to be the neighborhood menace. The exhaust is near stock sound levels (tad bit louder) but WOT sounds way better.
  • Morimoto XB35 5500K w/ Morimoto Dual Relay Harness
  • VT-One Chromoly Tower Strut Bar
  • Intake Manifold Sensor (MAP) change (39300-2G000 to 39300-84400) — Supringsly, actually improved throttle response for me; YMMV

‘Other’ Modifications

  • Plasti Dip Rear Hyundai Badge / Debadged ‘Veloster’
  • Rally Armor Mudflaps
  • Front (Generic)/Rear (Sickspeed) Tow Hook
  • Lamin-X Tailight + Reflector Tints — I failed on the Tailights but the reflectors came out nicely
  • Premium Auto Styling Amber Delete Tint Overlay — the amber still shows through when turned on…
  • Active Sound Design disabled via Wire under Passenger Seat
  • Rear Reflector LEDs (GoGoCar K-Tuning; not exLED) — Although I prefer the LED orientation on the exLED PCB better, the fact that it cost twice as much made me choose GoGoCar’s ($90 vs $180)
  • Replaced all Halogen lights with white LED’s (except Turn Signals because boo hyperblink): SiriusLED H8 (Fog), OPT7 H7 (DRL), Rayhoo 2835 W16W (Reverse), Yorkin Festoon (Interior), Alla Lighting T10 Wedge W5W (License Plate)


  • OBDLink LX OBD Reader

Planned Modifications (purchased but no time to install yet..)

  • Pierce Motorsport Rear Torsion Bar (No Jackstands/Jack)
  • 845 Motorsport Resonator Delete Kit (No Jackstands/Jack) — On a side note, SXTH and XE both have an Intercooler Hot Pipe upgrade, though I honestly don’t know if the complete replacement of the piping is worth ~$200 as the Resonator Delete pipe falls as low as $20
  • Headlight Eyelids; I went through THREE different eyelid kits (generic ebay, NIA Autodesign, Lordpower). Both the generic ebay and NIA Autodesign eyelids did not contour to my headlights perfectly. The Lordpower Raptor Eyelids fit well, but are unpainted—I botched the paint job multiple times so this one is still WIP..

Installed and Removed

  • Kensun HID KIT 6000K; one ballast was faulty (unable to mantain stable luminosity), replacement ballast from Kensun has igniter issues
  • Phillips Diamond Vision H11 Bulbs w/ Custom JDMToy H11b to H11 adapter
  • Rear Garnishes—I took them for a test drive using only 3M automotive adhesive since I was unsure if I wanted to drill holes in my rear bumper. Needless to say one popped off somewhere and is lost so I took off the other one..ZZZ

Desired Modifications

  • Tune — OBD tuning has been achieved. Hoping for it to mature, then I may get an spare ECM and probably favor a tune from SXTH Element Engineering or 845 Motorsports
  • SXTH Element Engineering Downpipe (need to find a trusted shop to have installed)
  • Upgraded Stock IC (SXTH and XenonElement appear to be developing these)
  • Low Weight Rims (MR131 Motegi Racing or some Enkeis)
  • Better tires: Continentals (Extremecontact DWS 06), Michelin (Pilot Sport A/S 3+), or BFGoodrich (G-Force Comp2 A/S)
  • Aftermarket BPV
  • HSK M40XL spark plugs
  • Oil Catch Can (?) — Not sure if I want to deal with the extra maintenance or if its even worth it.
  • XE XPVS (replacement RCV control Solenoid)

Want but unlikely

  • Throttle Body upgrade (60mm) — I’m super skeptical a few mm would make any noticeable difference. Plus I would likely need a Throttle Body Spacer from XE
  • Chameleon Paint Job or maybe some wrap job
  • Front Splitter / Rear Splitter
  • Widebody Fenders
  • Rear Wing Spoiler ;) (Carbon Fiber RSW GT Wing = Yum)
  • Aftermarket Brake Kit (:o)

Things I Won’t Touch

  • Turbo
  • Engine Internals
  • Water Methanol Injection
  • E85 / Flex Fuel — doesn’t apply to the VT but in general I’ve seen enough people have trouble dealing with it
    — Honestly I’d rather buy a new car than getting a stuffed turbo and/or forged internals..